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Maybe you're noticing:

  • You’re struggling to maintain a positive self-image in a world that seems to demand perfection
  • You feel uncertain about navigating the complexities of figuring out who you are and what truly defines you
  • Difficulty defining and pursuing personal and professional goals when everything seems uncertain
  • Challenges in balancing newfound independence with maintaining meaningful relationships with family
  • Confusion when trying to strike a balance between embracing independence and acknowledging the need for support
  • Feelings of loneliness and difficulty building a supportive social network
  • You’re feeling stressed from juggling various responsibilities and commitments, often feeling like there’s not enough time
  • It’s difficult to manage and express a range of emotions without feeling overwhelmed

Feeling the stress of adulthood?

Life has a lot of moving parts and your young adult years are a whirlwind of transitions, decisions, and the constant question of “what’s next?” These numerous, rapid changes that define your 20s can feel overwhelming and the introduction into adult responsibilities may feel confusing.

It’s like being handed a puzzle with missing pieces. Do I go to college? Do I enter the workforce? or take a gap year? What career path do I take? Where do I want to live? No one hands you a manual. It can feel like a struggle to balance bills, responsibilities, and maintain a sense of self. 

Friendships change, relationships evolve. It may feel difficult to maintain connections while growing individually. It’s a journey of self-discovery without losing the ones who matter.

Beliefs and values you’ve held throughout childhood may be questioned or challenged by new ideas, leaving you to examine what may have once felt like your identity.

The pressure to have everything figured out can be daunting. Societal expectations may leave you feeling pressured to make lifelong decisions before you’re ready, creating stress and anxiety about your future.

You're resilient, you're capable, and you're not alone.
Let's navigate this journey together.

Young adult therapy can help you:

  • Explore and understand your identity, values, and beliefs
  • Build confidence and a positive self-image, fostering a healthy relationship with yourself
  • Improve interpersonal skills, assertiveness, and the ability to express thoughts and feelings effectively
  • Increase self-awareness to better understand patterns of behavior, emotions, and reactions
  • Navigate major life transitions such as moving away from home, starting or ending college, or entering the workforce
  • Develop healthy coping mechanisms to better handle life’s inevitable challenges

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Slow down, embrace the beauty of your journey, and find happiness in the present. Peace is the place you find when you tune out the chaos of life.

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