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Change the patterns that are no longer serving you

Let's face it, life can be hard and you may feel overwhelmed with trying to navigate it all perfectly. But you don’t need to face life's challenges by yourself. You are not alone.

Can mental health therapy help me?

At Wholeheartedly You Therapy, specialized online therapy meets the unique needs of Sammamish residents through convenient and confidential online sessions. Entering therapy can feel like stepping into the unknown, a journey filled with uncertainty and vulnerability. However, it is within this sacred space of vulnerability that transformation occurs. Therapy helps you to embrace your fears, to confront your shadows, and to embark on a journey of self-discovery and healing. It is an invitation to honor your humanity, to tend to the wounds of your past, and to nurture the seeds of your future. At Wholeheartedly You Therapy you’ll find solace, compassion, and acceptance. Here, amidst the echoes of your deepest truths, you’ll uncover the strength to face your demons, the courage to rewrite your stories, and the resilience to transcend your limitations. Therapy is a safe space, where your struggles are met with understanding, your pain with empathy, and your dreams with unwavering support. Trust that within the darkness there lies a light.

If you're ready to take the leap, I'd be honored to be there to support.

Mental Health Services in Sammamish, WA

Sammamish Anxiety Therapy

Do you find yourself constantly seeking reassurance from others to alleviate your worries?

Therapy will help you lead a more fulfilling, balanced, and meaningful life as well as teach you to embrace life’s uncertainties with courage and optimism.

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Sammamish Perfectionism Therapy

Do you find it difficult to enjoy achievements or accomplishments because you’re already focused on the next goal or area of improvement?

Therapy will help you adopt a more flexible and adaptive mindset, allowing for greater acceptance of uncertainties and imperfections.

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Sammamish Trauma Therapy

Do you avoid emotional closeness or intimacy with others to protect yourself from potential harm or rejection?

Therapy will help you form healthy and intimate relationships and regain a sense of clarity and purpose in life.

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Sammamish Relationship Issues Therapy

Are your needs and desires consistently overlooked or undervalued in your relationships?

Therapy will help support you in establishing and maintaining healthy boundaries in your relationships, promoting mutual respect and understanding.

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Sammamish Life Transitions Therapy

Do you feel vulnerable, stressed, and confused?

Therapy will help you gain a deeper understanding of yourself and empower you to adapt and thrive in new circumstances.

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Sammamish Self-Esteem

Do you find it difficult to assert yourself and communicate your thoughts and emotions to others?

Therapy will help you improve relationship dynamics by setting healthy boundaries, recognizing and addressing toxic relationships, and fostering connections that uplift and support.

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Types of Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral
Therapy (CBT)

Dialectical Behavior
Therapy (DBT)

Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT)

Strengths-Based Therapy

Client-Centered Therapy

Somatic Therapy

You won't regret prioritizing your mental health. Reach out now for therapy services in Sammamish, WA

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