Therapy for Millennials

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Thrive through the chaos of adulthood.

Maybe you're noticing:

  • Despite the “connectedness” technology and social media have brought, you feel lost, lonely, and isolated
  • You compare your achievements to others
  • Overthinking, thought spiraling, and future tripping feel like the norm
  • You feel you don’t know yourself—why do I think and act this way? What do I actually like?
  • It’s difficult to make and/or trust your decisions
  • You struggle with work-life balance
  • You desire personal growth

Struggling to feel at peace and content with your current life?

Life in your 30s and 40s is no cakewalk. Maybe the issues you’re grappling with now aren’t new. Perhaps you’ve been putting them off for months or even years—but today everything’s been brought to the forefront.

Finding the equilibrium between pursuing your ambitious career goals while nurturing your personal life feels like walking a tightrope. The modern workplace can be a demanding environment. Stress is viewed as a routine aspect of the job rather than a cue for self-care. The constant hustle and never-ending to-do lists can make work-life balance feel elusive. You’re managing deadlines that seem impossible as well as navigating pressure to climb the career ladder. 

And job stability is not what it used to be. The rollercoaster of the job market means facing uncertainties that can make planning your next career move feel like navigating a stormy sea.

You were raised in a culture that thrives on comparison and you grew up questioning if your reality measures up to others beyond social media. You find yourself doubting the authenticity and significance of relationships once they begin to feel meaningful. Then there’s the maze of online dating. Swipe left, swipe right–it’s easy to feel lost in the sea of profiles and the impersonal nature of it all can feel disheartening. It can be a struggle to seek genuine connections in a digital age.

On top of it all, you feel the pressure to have it all together. Maybe there’s a sense of shame that comes with struggling. There’s the expectation that if you work hard, success should be a given. The reality? It’s not as easy as the generations before us made it out to be. It’s no wonder that, according to the American Psychological Association, millennials experience more stress than previous generations.

Millennial therapy can help you:

  • Explore your values, motivations, and aspirations
  • Align your behavior to your goals to increase your sense of satisfaction and fulfillment
  • Learn to identify and attend to your needs to better care for yourself
  • Reduce comparisons to others and embrace your uniqueness
  • Disconnect from negative, self-deprecating thought loops
  • Strengthen relationships and enhance communication

Mental health issues frequently treated

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Therapy for

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Therapy for

You are adaptive, resourceful, and capable of turning struggles into stepping stones & transforming uncertainties into opportunities for growth and empowerment.

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